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    We've come to understand what rental customers are looking for in their next apartment home and we provide the desirable community, the character and charm, the apartment layout and design and the preferred amenities and conveniences. All are offered with the level of service our renters have come to expect.

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    Please submit your maintenance request. Note that requests are reviewed Monday through Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except for holidays.


    Please describe in detail the nature of the repair. Also note whether there is an alarm or animal on the premises.

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  • Welcome: Northern Management Subleasing Guide

    Northern Management believes that communication is the foundation to any successful business. In order to maintain strong communication, we have developed convenient tools for our clients that will enable them to gain knowledge and awareness of company procedures. The information that follows, accompanies and is an attachment to our lease, and contains information regarding the responsibilities and obligations as a Resident or a lease guarantor.

    Informational Items
    Lease Obligation
    Re-renting Your Apartment
    Ready To Sublease?
    Contact Information
    Northern Management
    Company Information
    1725 West St. Germain
    St. Cloud, MN 56301

    A Guide to Subleasing Your Apartment: Questions and Answers After you have read the following information on subleasing and you need further assistance, please contact our main office at 320-267-4881 to schedule a meeting with your property manager. We will be eager to assist you in any way we can to help make this transition as easy as possible.

    Download Request for Lease Assignment


    By now you have either inquired about subleasing or you have vacated your apartment. The purpose of this material is to assist you in understanding your lease obligation and help you through a change in your housing needs if your current situation warrants it. At Northern Management, we understand that sometimes a housing change is necessary and we would like to help you through this transition. Please read this information carefully to gain a better understanding of your options.

    Lease Obligation

    The lease you have signed is a legal and binding document that holds you and any lease guarantors financially obligated for a specific period of time. Written leases are drafted so that both parties understand all the terms of the housing commitment. Management uses these "commitments" as income for budgeting the financial statements of the apartment complex. There are many fixed monthly expenses that apartment owners must pay regardless of the income that is generated.
    Please understand that this lease obligation will not just disappear. It is your responsibility to complete and satisfy the full terms of this lease obligation. Manage¬ment may assist at times, but please understand that Northern Management personnel will not just take care of your situation. It is in your best interest to take an active role until your apartment is re-rented.

    Subletting Assignment

    A resident may only sublet with written approval from Northern Management. The resident must complete a Request for Lease Assignment found at the end of the subleasing explanation. If management approves the assignment, the resident will be responsible for finding the potential residents and coordinating the paperwork with Northern Management. If a resident is successful in finding a sublessor, the resident must bring the applicant to the management office for approval. If a resident subleases their own apartment, the fee is $200.
    If the units in the complex are completely occupied, Northern Management may assist the resident in finding a replacement, but only if the Request for Lease Assignment is completed. (This form gives management permission to try and rent the apartment, but does not guarantee it). For such subletting, there will be a charge of 50% of one month’s non-discounted rent, or a minimum of $200. All new applicants must be approved by management before they will be allowed to take over a lease. No current residents will be allowed to take over a lease from a resident. No occupants may move into your apartment if they are not on the lease. Residents must remember that the cleaner their unit is, the easier it will be to find someone interested in subleasing.

    Joint Leases

    If you are in a lease with a roommate, you are jointly liable for your lease with that roommate. You must work together with that roommate to find another compatible resident. You should note that the full amount of rent must be paid each month. If you move out and do not pay your portion of the rent, you will be jeopardizing the right for your roommate to live in the apartment.

    Re-renting Your Apartment

    Your primary goal is to have your unit re-rented. It is in the best interest of everyone to obtain this goal as soon as possible. There are a number of immediate self-marketing steps that you should take to help accom¬plish your goal. They include:

    • Placing an ad in the local newspaper
    • Placing ads on bulletin boards at grocery stores, at laundromats, etc.
    • If you're a student, use the school newspaper and bulletin boards on campus.

    Once you find a suitable candidate, bring them either to the management company or your resident manager so they can complete an application. They will have to pay an application fee and put down a security deposit for the apartment. The management company will then process the application to ensure they qualify for the apartment.

    Why won't management just re-rent my apartment? Management has several units they are trying to rent, not just yours, and your unit will be added to this pool of available apartments. Again, we emphasize that your assistance and active participation in the subleasing process is critical to successfully re-renting your unit.

    Helpful Hints on Subleasing

    Keep your Apartment Spotless: Experience has proven that the cleaner your apartment is, the faster it will be re-rented. It needs to be bright, window coverings open, lights on, pleasantly scented and spotlessly clean.

    Flexibility: The more flexible you are for this transition, the better results you will have. Some potential candidates may need the apartment tomorrow, and others may need it two months in the future.

    Retracting Your Subleasing Request

    We understand that sometimes it may be necessary to retract your request to sublease; however, if you do, you will be responsible for all advertising costs accrued. We will calculate your advertising cost, provide you with copies of the advertisements placed and subtract your minimum sublease fee paid of $200, which we have cashed. We will then either invoice you for any charges above $200 or refund you the difference of the minimum subleasing fee.

    Vacating Your Apartment Prior To Subleasing

    We understand that sometimes it is necessary that you vacate the apartment prior to having it re-rented. A couple of items that you should note are:

    Rent Payments: Understand that the rent payments must continue to be paid faithfully and are due by 5:00 p.m. on the 1st of each month. The rent payments must be made payable to your apartment complex name and mailed to Northern Management, PO Box 7792, St. Cloud, MN 56302.

    Move-out: Get a move-out checklist and follow the guidelines for moving out. You would be responsible for cleaning, carpet cleaning, giving a forward¬ing address, turning in the keys, etc.

    Must I turn in my keys if I am required to pay on my apartment? No. But if you do turn in your keys, you will be relieved of any future problems that may be associated with the apartment, such as damage.

    What happens if I do not continue my rent payments? After you have moved out and if your account becomes delinquent, you force the management company to take very unpleasant steps to protect the financial interests of the apartment building. Your lease terms will be acceler¬ated and the entire remaining financial obligation will be due and payable immediately.

    Then what happens? It is in your best interest not to let your account go beyond this point. The total amount due will stay in the Northern Management office for approximately 30 days and it will then be forwarded to a collection agency. All collection fees, court costs, attorney fees and any other costs incurred in the recovery of the funds are added to the balance. The collection agency will seek reimbursement for up to 8 years, and a judgment will remain on your credit for up to 10 years.

    Ready To Sublease? Complete The Following Procedure…

    There are two steps that must be taken to start the subleasing process. They are:

    Request For Lease Assignment: A Request for Lease Assignment must be signed giving management the authorization to re-rent your apartment. This form can be found at the end of this material.

    Download Request for Lease Assignment

    Subleasing Fee Paid: The minimum fee to sublease your apartment would be $200 if you found someone that is approved by Northern Management. The fee to have management assist in finding your sublessor would be equal to 50% of one months undiscounted rent, or $200, whichever is greater. This fee assists in deferring the cost of the turnover associated with your apartment. It covers personnel time, advertising costs, unbudgeted mainte¬nance and many other costs associated with the turnover. Once your unit has been successfully re-rented, we will review the cost of advertising and you will be held responsible for any reasonable advertising costs.

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    Northern Management believes that communication is the foundation to any successful business. In order to maintain strong communications, we have developed convenient tools for our clients that will enable them to gain knowledge and awareness of company procedures. The information that follows accompanies and is an attachment to our lease and contains information regarding the responsibilities and obligations as a resident and lease guarantor.


    Northern Management manages apartment complexes throughout the central Midwest. We do everything within our power to provide a clean, affordable and comfortable home for thousands of residents. Obviously, it is not a pleasant situation when we have to exercise our option to remove residents from our buildings. All steps are taken to inform our residents and work with them so that we are not faced with an eviction. This brochure was put together in an effort to inform you about the situation that we are faced with. It is in your best interest to thoroughly read this so that you have firsthand knowledge of what the upcoming sequence of events may be. If you have any questions on any of this material, please feel free to contact our main office directly.
    David Magelssen, CPM®
    Certified Property Manager/President


    When a resident is evicted from their apartment, their lease obligation does not cease. The resident is liable for the financial payment on the lease until either the unit is re-rented or the lease expires. This means that all future monthly payments must be paid on or before the first in order to receive the discount. If no payment arrangements are made, the full terms of their lease agreement will be accelerated and called due. If this full balance is not paid within 30 days, the account will be turned over to a collection agency and they will obtain judgments, garnish wages, and/or secure assets. This obligation should not be taken lightly, and remember that the collection agency may contact the lease guarantor for the collection of funds.

    One option that the resident/lease guarantor may have is to try to sublease their apartment. There is another brochure that explains subleasing and if you are interested you can go to www.nomgmt.com/sub for more information. Please note that it is the responsibility of the resident/guarantor to find a suitable person to sublet to. This prospect must go through NMI’s application approval process and meet all qualifications prior to the subletting. Your financial obligation is not relieved until the subletter is in the unit and takes over paying any remaining portions of rent.


    Typically, residents will receive write-ups and written correspondence in reference to problems that were created on site. When the situations mount up or an act more serious occurs, the resident may receive a last chance letter. This last chance letter is exactly what it means. You have been given the opportunity to improve your behavior and correct it within the apartment building. If you choose to disregard management’s policies, you’ve reached “your last chance”. If there is any further behavior that is irrational, disrespectful, or you fail to comply to NMI’s policies, you will be evicted from the building. Once this letter goes out, this is your absolute final warning.


    These items are sent out when management chooses to start the eviction process. Management feels that they have sufficient means and grounds for pursuing the eviction and they fully intend on doing so. The resident has two options.

    Vacate The Unit

    Vacate the unit by the date and time designated on the letter or forms, and return the keys to Northern Management.

    File Unlawful Detainer

    Force management to file an Unlawful Detainer (UD). This is an eviction court summons that forces you to report to court.

    The resident can choose to go with either option here. If they choose to have a court ordered eviction and management wins restitution of the unit, the resident will be held fully liable for all the costs that are incurred with these proceedings and the eviction. These invoices will run between $300 and $2,000. This account will be kept separate from any other money that is due and will be legally pursued after the proceeding. The 3-Day Notice to Vacate because of delinquent rent may be terminated by bringing your account balance to zero and working out arrangements with the management company to maintain your account in favorable status. This must be done prior to the UD being filed, or the resident will be responsible for any fees that were incurred.


    All balances or obligations due that are not paid are turned over to a collection agency. These balances due should not be taken lightly because the collection agency will pursue for 7+ years.


    The only reason that residents receive a notice to vacate their apartment prior to the lease expiration is because they violated the terms of the lease. It has to do with delinquent rent, irresponsible behavior, or other violations that are contained in the body of your lease. In many cases, residents are given chances and warnings to improve or correct the situation so that we do not have to take this position. When situations do not correct themselves or a serious situation occurs, we must take action to remove the resident from the building. We do this to protect the physical well being of the building, the peace of mind of other residents in the building and the financial integrity of the investor.

    Eviction Means…
    • Poor Credit
    • Poor Rental Reference
    • Turned Over to Collection Agency
    • Affects Your Guarantor’s Credit
    • Nationwide Reporting

    It is not a pleasant situation when we have to remove residents from our buildings. When we opt to evict, we take a non-biased and non-discriminatory approach. We have a very consistent policy when dealing with these types of situations. Every resident is treated equally. Northern Management acts in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law.


    Obviously, an eviction is not a pleasant item to have following you and your personal history. An eviction affects your personal status by putting a black mark in your rental history. Your rental history is extremely important in obtaining future rentals and Northern Management reports all rental histories to a data bank for other companies.

    Credit Report – Once an eviction report is obtained, it will be filed with a credit reporting agency, which will indicate when and where you were evicted.

    Court System – When a UD is filed on you, it is imputed into the justice system and the information is available for the public. Most apartment management companies do complete a UD check through a prospective resident’s background. All this personal information is easily obtained when searching by future managing agents, work references, and many other situations that revolve around your personal records. It is in your best interest not to have them affected.


    Whenever a resident is evicted from an apartment complex, it is NMI’s corporate policy that they receive a no trespass letter and are not allowed in that building or grounds, or any other Northern Management property. These letters are filed with the local police and sheriff’s department and on-site management. If you fail to cohere to the letter, you will be charged with trespassing.


    If you have run into financial trouble and are unsure of who can assist you, below is a list of names and phone numbers of people who may be able to help you.

    Guarantors, Family and/or Friends

    Your guarantor is directly affected by this action. You should make sure that they are aware of this obligation and it gets taken care of.

    Emergency Assistance Agencies

    St. Cloud and surrounding areas
    • Caritas Family Services
    • Sherburne County Social Services
    • Stearns County Social Services
    • Benton County Social Services
    • Tri-Cap 1-320-251-1612
    Crow Wing County
    • Social Services
    • Salvation Army
    • Tri-Cap 1-218-829-2410
    Nobles County
    • Family Service Agency
    • Southwest MN Opportunity Council
    Douglas County
    • Social Services
    • West Central Communities Action
    • Housing & Development
    • Listening Ear
    Itasca County
    • Itasca Resource Ctr./Social Services
    Richland County, North Dakota
    • Social Services
    • Housing Authority
    Isanti County
    • Family Services
    • HRA 1-763-689-3883
    • Lakes & Pines Comm. Action Program
    Lyon County
    • Human Services
    • Salvation Army
    • Western Community Action.