About Us

  • Our Company

    David Magelssen founded Northern Management in June, 1989. Northern Management has specialized in efficiently and effectively managing residential housing projects since then. Our company has grown from managing a small number of units in the St. Cloud market to a statewide corporation, with apartment complexes, single family homes and office space located throughout the state of Minnesota and into North Dakota. With this diverse portfolio, the company has evolved into a strong management team that is able to master properties from small market rate apartment complexes to specialty housing projects.

    At Northern Management we understand that in order to fully realize the profitability of today's real estate market; it is vital that a management company has the expertise, innovation, motivation and the ability to produce positive results. Northern Management has the experience to preserve and enhance the value of your real estate assets. We measure our success by the bottom line that we bring to our investors. Our ability to turn troubled properties into profitable, high demand investment properties has earned us the reputation as problem solvers.

    We are strongly centralized and committed to performing value-added management. This is accomplished by maintaining the property in the best possible condition. When this goal is achieved, we are able to add value to a property through increased rents, improved occupancy rates, reduced tenant turnover and steady rent collection. It becomes a win-win situation for the investor, property management firm and, of course, the resident.

    We are sensitive to the needs of our residents and listen to their concerns. Our objective is to provide them with the best possible home and living experience. We carefully and thoroughly screen all of our applicants to ensure that they are of the highest quality. Northern Management conducts a full three-year rental history, runs criminal, credit and employment checks on all applicants. They are genuinely cared for in all aspects from maintenance to neighbor problems. Our goal is to establish a strong rapport with our residents so that they will enjoy their home for many years and introduce friends into their community.

    Our marketing objective, like any other company, is to be 100% occupied at all times. To achieve this goal, we have a strong leasing program with resident managers and leasing agents; and all staff has knowledge of our projects. We keep advertising in new and creative ways, in all possible medias that achieve results.

    Depending on the size of the complex, we will set up on-site positions ranging from caretakers to resident managers. Our caretakers provide the complex with day to day cleaning and grounds keeping, while our resident managers are given the responsibility to oversee the day-to-day operations. All personnel are carefully trained and monitored to ensure the project is run efficiently and effectively.

    Our Property Manager and Assistant Property Manager conduct on-site inspections on a regular basis. This helps the resident manager in monitoring the complex more closely, such as cleaning and taking care of the grounds. We provide residents with a line of communication to our maintenance division. This allows the issues to be rectified as soon as possible. We pride ourselves in following up with maintenance procedures. We provide our residents with an array of emergency numbers and a member of our staff is on call 24 hours a day.

  • Our Mission

    Our goal is professionalism! We believe the primary concept of Property Management is to maintain the investor's property to its maximum potential. This will achieve the optimum performance from that investment.

    Residents are the key to our success. It is important that our residents feel comfortable and secure in their "home". The result of our in depth screening process is securing quality clientele which produces a higher retention rate (less turnover), thus reducing costs. The owner of the property benefits by using an experienced company which can meet for the needs of both the residents and the owner.

    At Northern Management our philosophy encompasses all our properties with the highest standards and care. They are all equally important and each will receive the utmost attention. Many companies are "over extended" which leaves room for error. Rest assured this will not happen at Northern Management.

    We realize that a significant amount of capital has been invested in your property. We are experts in reducing costs and maximizing income. As the economic factors which affect investments become more complicated and demanding a quality property management firm, like Northern Management is essential.

  • Testimonials

    “Northern Management has made me feel welcomed and has made my stay comfortable. The buildings are very neat and the employees have the greatest attitudes, doing whatever it takes!”

    “The leasing agent was really friendly and emanated a feeling of warmth. Even though we were just complete strangers, it felt as if she genuinely cared for us. Whenever we had questions or problems, she solved it in an understanding and professional manner. Paper work that usually took 30 minutes, only felt like 5 minutes.”
    ~Min Soon

    “Northern Management employees are so nice, energetic, outgoing and they made me feel so comfortable. They went above and beyond what any company has done for me or will do for any future resident”